Biological fertilization by bacteria colonizing the rhizosphere and beneficial to plant growth
Fixation of atmospheric nitrogen
Increased absorption of phosphorus and micronutrients

Bio-Disease Control

Induction of plant resistance to diseases (Induced Systemic Resistance, ISR)
Secretion of substances preventing and suppressing diseases
Competition with pathogens for space and nutrients

Research and Development

Abnatura conducts research and development on PGPR-like growth promoting rhizobacteria
(Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) of the Bacillus group.


Abnatura is a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery, production and sale of bio-fertilization products composed of natural microorganisms. The company also performs R&D on disease bio-control.

Abnatura only uses ingredients in accordance with organically grown (USDA NOP)

Our products are developed for professionals in greenhouse, agriculture, ornamental horticulture and golf.

Our products

Microflora PRO

Microflora PRO is a microbial fertilizer and protector formulated for root and foliar applications for greenhouse, horticultural and hedge crops.


Agriflora is a microbial fertilizer and protector formulated for large outdoor crops.

Viridis PRO

Viridis PRO is a microbial fertilizer and protector formulated for the maintenance of grassed surfaces.

Microflora PRO, Agriflora and Viridis PRO

Authorized distributor

Main distributors of Abnatura fertilizers

Microflora PRO and Viridis PRO